Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do You Believe In UFO's ?

In Canada the Ministry of Defence declassified documents pertaining to over 9000 sightings.(Link Below) In the US. there has been over 2 million sightings since 1945. Also tens of thousands in Mexico the only country to officially admit they exist.There are thousands of video, and pictures of them. Some proven hoax's for attention but many have been "confirmed" real. Several NASA astronauts have reported them and the conversation and video captured by NASA.There are even references to them in the bible.
I came across some funny / interesting sights with some different aspects to the "debate" -- What do you think?--

The Disclosure Project Video and Site LINKSITE LINK

Fmr.Defence Minister of Canada Paul Hellyer believes in UFO & a Moon Base.

Mexican Air Force Video and Fox News.

Omni TV Footage Link to YOUTUBE; *LINK*
UFO Disclosure Site;LINK
World UFO Disclosure Campaign Site:LINK
UFO Evidence Site:LINK
Get X News:LINK

Russian UFO?

Declassified Russian UFO VideoThe most amazing home videos are here

NASA Buzz Aldrin's UFO story;

WTC UFO Close-Up

Well I hope You Had FUN. ....There Here. : )

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