Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Most Dangerous Man In America, Daniel Ellsberg-The Pentagon Papers

I saw this documentary movie this week and recommend it to everyone,it provides insight to the lengths the government went to start, and continue illegal war actions in Vietnam. It contains actual footage and testimony documenting US government corruption and shows the apathy of the people to do something about it. A very good movie. I rate it a 5/5.

Read Daniel Ellsberg BIO.Daniel Ellsberg BIO
Read these pages for some insight on foreign policy:Covert U.S. foreign regime changes AND U.S. intervention in Chile
US use of force in other countries Congress Report-from Use of force

The Watergate Tapes Info:Watergate Tapes Info & Links
U.S. Operation Northwoods: re Cuba read the declassified documentsPDF download from archives.
ESSAY on Nixon Scandals
Mother Jones article on NIXON(read posts too)Mother Jones Article
PLEASE NOTE- There is NO such thing as a "conspiracy" just differing points of view.
aka: Perspective
MOVIES RE: Kennady assasination and Nixon and HW Bush Link to All the dirty deeds
Crimes of Empire and Ludwig Watzals blogL.Watzals BLOG LINK
Canada didn't officially send troops to Vietnam but many choose to go.CDN's in Vietnam LINK

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